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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Bleona Qereti : Biography

Date of Birth: 14.05.1979

Height: 174 Cm
Wight: 57Kg
One of the most well-known singers, actress and show-girl from
Albania , Bleona's audience stretches from within Albania to the surrounding major Albanian Communities. These include, Kosovo , Macedonia , Montenegro as well as the Diaspora in Western Europe and the United States . Since she was young girl, she was actively engaged in different youth artistic activities in her hometown of Korca and Elbasan. Her first international representation was in the Balkans Festival in 1991 in Preveza , Greece . During 1991-1994 she worked as singer and show-girl in a variety show of the professional theater ?Skampa?.
During 1994, at the age of fifteen, she participated in the national song festival organized by the Albanian Radio and Television. During 1995 she participated in the spring song contest representing herself well .Her first major impression was at the national song contest in December 1995 with ?Leave me on my own?. After a successful participation in the spring song festival of 1996, she was invited in a tournament in Switzerland among many well-known Albanian singers. She tried also with the traditional music by participating at the World Folk Festival held in France in August 1996.
In October 1996 she started a tournament in Germany , Belgium and the Netherlands . She came back and participated in the Albanian National Song contest in December 1996.
During spring of 1997, despite the difficult social and economical conditions in Albania , she managed to produce her first video clip ?The Wind?. She represented herself in the spring song contest in 1997 with the same song. This video clip was broadcasted by a French television, TV5 in a special segment on Albania . In the summer of 1997, she received an invitation from Albanians living in Montenegro to hold a show in the city of Ulqin . In October 1997 she was invited by the Albanians in Switzerland for a one month tour. In December 1997 she took part in the Albanian National Song contest.
In January 1998, Bleona achieved a formidable goal by producing her first album titled ?I do what I like?. In May of that year, she participated as a singer and show-girl in a huge concert organized by the Koha Jone Company for the Albanians living in Greece together with the Director of the Fine Arts Academy, Kastriot Caushi. In September 1998 she began her acting studies at the fine arts academy. She participated in the Spring Song contest of 1999 representing herself as a show-girl and singing her future hit ?If you truly love me?.
During the Summer of 1999, she participated in a charity tour of several European countries including Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Austria, Bleona set another milestone in her rising career by releasing her first music video ?I do what I like?, in the fall of 1999. By November, she held a one month tour of Switzerland .
By January 2000, she released her second album ?If you truly love?. She then followed this up with the release of a new music video from the album. By this time, Bleona's career was gaining tremendous momentum and name recognition throughout the region. In September 2000 she participated in the biggest tour ever organized for the Albanians living in Europe . Her great success culminated in her signing her first real contract with German manager Jeton Dautaj and performed more than 80 concerts throughout Europe in the first half of 2001.
By this point, Bleona had well established her singing style and most controversially her look. By June 2001, she released her third album the blockbuster hit named ?I don't care?, and becoming the highest selling record in Albania . Once again she followed up a hit video named ?I don't care?, in cooperation with the Italian producer Nicola Doersole. With 2 more successful tours in March and October, new album and video, she capped off a splendid 2001 with an exclusive New Years Eve engagement at the discotheque ?Macumba? in Fribourg , Switzerland .
In 2002, she renewed her contract with her manager Jeton Dautaj and accompanied by the group Corona , started her 2 month European tour in Switzerland , Germany , Scandinavia and Italy .
By June, Mixing work and studies the last four years, she graduated from the University of Tirana Academy of Arts with a degree in acting.
In July she released her fourth album titled ?Go Learn How to Love? (Ik Meso si Dashurohet). This song also went on to be one of the biggest video hits of the summer.
By August 2002, Bleona's meteoric rise to stardom had reached fruition. Between concerts, albums, music videos, newspaper interviews and several television appearances, the publics demand for anything ?Bleona? was undeniable. Therefore, to solidify her status as a bona-fide superstar of the Albanians, she set about on one of her biggest projects to date. To perform an extensive multi-city tour of Albania . These were large outdoor concerts with 15 -20 000 spectators in the city centers of all of the major Albanian cities. The grand finale of the tour on October 11 th was in the capital ,Tirana. She invited the hard rock group from Macedonia Elita 5 to perform with her. The relentless rain of the evening did nothing to deter the crowd of by police estimates of more than 80,000 A compilation DVD video of the best of the tour titled ? Ik Meso si Dashurohet? was later released .After such a hectic schedule, most others would look forward to rest and relaxation.
But in November, the workaholic Bleona continued her grueling concert schedule with a fourteen show engagement in Germany . She finished the year with a three night performance in one of the most modern Discos in Fribourg , Switzerland .
During 2003, she continued her shows all over Europe . In the spring of that same year, she began to work on her fifth album. Collaborating with composers Wirus, I. Berani, Xh. Gashi, A. Hila and with writers Agim Doci and J. Papingji. While working on the album, she continued her touring. She performed in Montenegro the entire summer. During autumn, she toured Greece and Italy . By December, back home from her tour, she was able to finish and release the album she started in the spring. With a controversial album title and lead song,?You don't know how to pick me up?, (Ti nuk din as me ma lyp) went on to be a smashing success and sell over 300,000 copies in only two months making her the first and the only Albanian singer to ever reach this mark. The album was also well noted for the video clip ?Oh look what you have done to yourself? ( O Bobo c'i Bere Vetes). The New Year again found her at a four night engagement in Switzerland .
January - April 2004 Bleona continued her work in the concerts in Diaspora. In June 2004 during a private visit to USA , she had the opportunity to perform for the first time in the United States Live at a promotional concert in Chicago . This concert gave The Albanian Diaspora the chance to have an unforgettable evening, taking photos and talking to the singer.
18 June 2004, she was invited to take part in the National Albanian American Council (NAAC) annual awards banquet at the Plaza Hotel in New York City which Former U.S. Secretary of State James Baker was recognized for his efforts in the Albanian community after the overthrow of communist dictatorship.
During summer 2004, she started her annual concerts in Kosovo , Macedonia and Albania .
September 2004 she was invited by the Albanians residing in Sweden where for the first time, aside from her pop music repertoire, she sang one set of the most beautiful Albanian folk songs live. This performance was so well received, that since that evening, Bleona has made it a regular part of her program at all of her concerts.
She returned to New York in October 2004 as she was invited to take part with several other artists in the Miss Albania USA Beauty Pageant organized at the Lincoln Center in Manhattan . Bleona performed as the final act of the long evening singing two of her recent hit songs waking up the rather comatose audience.The show was taped live and shown on Channel 21 in Kosova. She capped off the year with concerts in Greece , Italy , Switzerland , Germany and New Years in Prishtina and Peja, Kosovo.
She started 2005 performing in her concerts in Zurich , Frankfurt and Dusseldorf for 2 months. But by this time, Bleona had been a professional singer for an amazing ten years now. She had conquered the Homeland and the surrounding Albanian communities and felt it was time to expand her visibility outside the Balkans. After testing the waters in America the previous year, confident in her abilities as well as being fluent in the English language, in March 2005, she journeyed once again to America . Being the ?lucky girl?she made one of the most important meetings of her career with the lawyer and entertainment agent Michael Novak. On Mr. Novak's resume are several American stars including Kid Rock. Motivated by the idea of introducing a non-American performer to America , he proposed to Bleona to enter the American music market by attempting to record a CD with a compilation of the best known American Hits. The idea was to develop her as an international performer.
In April 2005 she started working with Mr. Eric Morgeson, The Head of Studio A Recordings in Detroit , Michigan . Mr. Morgeson, a veteran record producer, has been involved in several important projects with talent including J.Z., Justin Timberlake, Hip Hop star Eminem and recording the soundtrack for the movie ?Rush Hour?. Impressed by the large number of gold and platinum discs displayed on the walls, Bleona set out on a mission. With great devotion, and the work discipline of a professional singer, she worked tirelessly everyday for nearly 3 months, usually 14 hour days. By June, she recorded twelve American songs. This was done on the behalf of the thankfulness for those people who changed her career fundamentally but at the same time with a great responsibility to represent all Albanian artists and the face of Albanian art abroad.
Despite her endeavor into the American music scene, Bleona still felt a responsibility toward her Albanian public. At the end of her English recording sessions, Bleona and Mr. Morgeson searched out a new song only for her, and her Albanian fans. What they discovered was a song composed by successful Latino music song writer Kike Santander. His successes include being the writer behind International pop sensation Ricky Martin. After securing proper licenses from Henry Foxx Agency, Bleona finished her future hit titled ?Boom Boom?. The song was recorded in two versions, English and Albanian. Collaborating with ?Chaos Film Productions? of Miami Beach , Florida and the assistance of Director Alyn Dorney, Bleona completed the music video she always dreamed of doing. With the look and feel of the south Miami Beach back-drop, she completed an energetic filming of her soon-to-be hit song and video.
By the end of July 2005, she returned to Albania releasing her sixth album, unprecedented for an Albanian performer. The album was released as a single CD called ?Boom Boom? which contained the song ?Boom Boom? in Albanian, English, and bilingual versions as well as two karaoke tracks. The single CD was accompanied by a free second CD with the well known American hits. The song was an immediate hit especially the edgy video which received endless amounts of airtime on Albanian television stations. In august 2005 she started her tour in Albania and Kosovo promoting her new CD.

Bleona Qereti : "Pse u zhvesha në skenë"

Zhurma, fishkëllimat, ulërimat që zaptuan sheshin "Skënderbej" në koncertin e madh të "Elita 5" dhe Bleona Qeretit janë shuar që nga ajo natë. Vendin e tyre e kanë zënë pëshpërimat, gjykimet që thuhen herë me zë të lartë e herë pa zë fare. Në vorbullën e tyre vërtitet (pa dyshim) Bleona Qereti, veshja e saj ekstravagante, e trasparente deri në guxim të tepruar. Atë natë kur këngëtarja u shfaq e tillë në skenën e madhe, një pjesë e njerëzisë shqiptare fishkëllente dhe kërcente nën tingujt e këngëve të saj. Një pjesë tjetër qeshte nën buzë. E një tjetër belbëzonte-"Ç'bëhet kështu more zot". Ndërsa atje mbi skenë, Qereti këndonte për qejfin e saj e bindur se ia kishte arritur qëllimit…se e kishte realizuar çudinë e radhës, ashtu si gjithmonë. * * *Të nesërmen e asaj nate, edhe ata njerëz që nuk e panë "live" zhveshjen e Qeretit në skenë, diçka panë në publikimin e fotografive të koncertit. Diçka dëgjuan në komentet e njerëzve. Dhe nisën të ngrenë edhe ata botën e tyre të gjykimit ndaj ndodhisë së radhës. Kështu që nga ajo natë (10 tetori) veshja tejet transparente e Bleona Qeretit nuk u ka dalë nga mendja dhe goja njerëzisë shqiptare. Dikush thotë se ajo po përpiqet të imitojë ekstravagancën dhe mënyrën e zhveshjes skenike të Madonës dhe Adelina Ismajlit. Dikush thotë se ajo ç'është e vërteta kështu e çuditshme është shfaqur që në herën e saj të parë…me një pelerinë të rëndë të cilën e hoqi në skenë për të mbetur me një palë kominoshe (pantallona) shumë të shkurta. Ishte një festival i muzikës së lehtë të fundvitit ku ajo u prezantua si këngëtare e re me këngën "Lërmëni…unë s'ju përkas juve". Që nga ajo herë, çudirat "ala bleonë" kanë qenë të shumta. Më e madhja ishte pak kohë më parë, në po atë shesh "Skënderbej". Veçse në një koncert të disa djemve të tjerë. Ishte nata e grupit "DJ Bobo" kur Qereti çoroditi publikun me veshjen e saj "të çarë" anekënd trupit. Edhe atëherë gjykimet zgjatën ditë e netë me radhë. Por për Qeretin pak rëndësi kishte se ç'thoshin të tjerët. Ajo vetë ndihej e arrirë.* * *Kështu ndihet edhe këtë herë. Prej 40 ditësh, që nga mbarimi i turneut të saj kishte menduar e punuar për këtë natë. "Përderisa publiku do të vinte në shesh për të më parë mua, detyra ime ishte të mendoja që të bëja maksimumin në të gjitha elementet e koncertit. E mes këtyre elementëve ishte dhe veshja sigurisht"-Ende e raskapitur nga e gjithë ajo që ka kaluar, Qereti tregon hapur se nuk i bëjnë aspak përshtypje se çfarë thonë të tjerët- "Edhe Krishti ka pasur njerëz pro dhe kundër tij, kështu që edhe ndaj meje sigurisht që do ketë njerëz që më gjykojnë për keq. Unë kam hulumtuar në treg para se të dilja atë natë ashtu dhe 90 për qind e njerëzve ishin pro idesë sime"-Pra ishin të mendimit që Bleona të shfaqej sërish ashtu sipas mënyrës së saj. "Në fillim dola e mbuluar me veshjen e murgeshës për të përcjellë drejpërdrejti mesazhin tim në këngën "S'më bëhet vonë". Ishte ky një mesazh që u drejtohet gjithë vajzave që janë të censuruara, që edhe pse në fakt nuk e kanë mbi vete pelerinën e murgeshës në shpirt ndihen të tilla. Unë duke e hequr në skenë atë pelerinë u thashë vajzave që ta zhdukin cenzurën që po i mbyt". Më pas pantallonat e shkurtra u zëvendësuan me një veshje të tejdukshme të cilën bleona e kishte zgjedhur jo pa qëllim-"Doja të tregoja Bleonën, personalitetin tim në skenë. Unë kjo kam qenë gjithmonë në skenë dhe nuk kam pse të ndryshoj e të shfaqem serioze. Më mjafton të jem e tillë në jetën time të përditshme". Ishte pikërisht kjo veshja që e futi Qeretin edhe një herë në vorbullën e gjykimit. Por asaj aq i bën. Tregon se këto veshje i ka zgjedhur enkas për këtë koncert në Gjermani. "Ndërsa dy veshjet e para ishin studiur me kujdes, e treta ishte thjesht në përshtatje me muzikën dhe tekstin e këngës së "Elita 5". Por gjithsesi ishte brenda stilit tim".* * *I ka dëgjuar dhe thëniet se po mundohet të imitojë Madonën dhe Adelina Ismajlin ndaj dhe mundohet të shpjegojë se -"Madonën sigurisht që e shoh me kujdes sepse ajo është një artiste e madhe që ka vite që i reziston skenës dhe ke se çfarë të mësosh prej saj. Ndërsa përsa i përket Adelina Ismajlit, profili im dhe muzika ime janë shumë larg saj. Fakti që ne ngjasojmë disi në flokë dhe në portret nuk do të thotë aspak që unë përpiqem të imitoj atë". Këmbëngul që është vetvetja dhe askush tjetër, që ka ndërtuar tashmë stilin e saj skenik të cilin as që ka ndërmend ta ndryshojë. S'i bëhet vonë se ç'thotë njerëzia, dëgjon veç mendjen se çfarë i thotë. Kështuqë edhe në të tjera shfaqje, Bleona Qereti e tillë do të jetë…tejet trasparente në feminitetin e saj.

Dhembja e këngëtares

Askush nuk e ka kuptuar se në shfaqjen e saj të tretë me djemtë tetovarë, Qereti ka qenë shumë e sëmurë. E megjithatë ajo ka kënduar. "Aty pas kuintave ndërsa prisja radhën ndihesha shumë keq dhe nuk merrja dot frymë. Ndieja një dhimbje të tmerrshme në stomak. Por nuk mundesha të anulloja daljen me djemtë e "Elita 5" dhe durova nuk e di se si"-Vetëm kur koncerti kishte mbaruar, Qereti ishte lëshuar e tëra në dhimbjen e saj. E kishte lënë gjithçka edhe festimin e mbarimit të koncertit, edhe darkën që do të hante me djemtë tetovarë dhe ishte mbyllur në shtëpinë e saj-"Për orë të tëra kam uluritur nga dhembja e stomakut. Ishte gjithë stresi i atyre ditëve që po më çlirohej ndaj dhe ndihesha shumë keq. Kishin kaluar shumë ditë të ngarkuara jo vetëm me lodhjen fizike për të vënë në vijë gjithçka por dhe me emocionin e të qenurit ashtu si duhet në syrin e fansave të tu"-Pohon se është e bindur se pas gjithë kësaj e ka shlyer borxhin që kishte ndaj adhuruesve të saj…me të gjithë elementët e menduara me kujdes për atë koncert, mes të cilave ishte dhe "look"-u i jashtëm.